The Call


We leave the world behind 
Once we enter our minds. 
Once I stop to take that call 
I'm here to make you fall 
When you're here I'm on your side 
But then I turn it on its side 
'Cause in the game I turn against you 
But it ain't nothin' against you. 
So you think you're right behind me? 
Only if you you can find me. 
Now I don't wanna put you out, 
But I'm here to take you out. 
I know times are getting tough, 
I know things are gettin' heavy, 
I know you've had enough, 
but get back here when you're ready. 

It's all in the family; 
We share the same blood, 
And it's all in good fun 
When we shed the same blood. 
It ain't nothin but love 
When we spill the same blood, 
'Cause all good families 
Will spill the same blood. 

I got my whole crew. 
We're all comin' for you. 
Before you started, you're done, 
And my skills just flew 
Man, time flies 
When I'm watchin' you fall! 
Phone flyin' off the hook 
Gettin' call after call! 
It's a bird, it's a plane- 
No, it's me up there! 
Game over, bald chicken. 
Now now go get some hair.. 
I'll put you straight to sleep: 
No blanket and no teddy. 
Get up and brush the dirt off 
And get back here when you're ready.

Lyricists: Ondae S    Performers: Joe Camerlengo, Eric Rollins, Ondae S    Producer: Joe Camerlengo

Lyricists: Ondae S 
Performers: Joe Camerlengo, Eric Rollins, Ondae S 
Producer: Joe Camerlengo

Behind The Music

From Producer Joe Camerlengo:

"Originally, this group was supposed to be four songwriters; by the time I visited the school for the first time, for whatever reasons, it was down to only two students, Ondae and Amari. The first session went smoothly- the highlight being Ondae developing the drum beat on the science lab table with pencils as drumsticks. Unfortunately, by day two, Amari was no longer able to attend the sessions...for reasons unknown to me. It was now just Ondae and his next level beat. Ondae is a shy kid; often soft-spoken, his moments of excitement are a sight to behold. If this group hadn't dissipated down to just the two of us, I never would have gotten to hear the quiet genius of Ondae a top the roar of four middle schoolers- a blessing, barely in disguise, I led Ondae to discover what he was inspired to write about: playing video games with his cousin. Ondae loves his cousin; on the other hand, once they sit down and play video games, they are pitted against each other. This virtual world offers them a setting in which to take out all of their competitive energy, family problems or frustrations. Once the lyrics were done and we'd worked out the arrangement and flow of the lyrics, Ondae asked if he could rap on the actual track. He'd finished the song so efficiently that our last day was spent laying down Ondae's vocals on the hook. On the final day, I mentioned Ondae's interest in performing on the song to his teacher. Stunned, he explained that Ondae is one of his shyest students and rarely speaks or expresses himself, making the fact that he rapped on a recording of song that he is solely responsible for an unbelievable achievement for anyone."