Love Lost in the Rain


Well you got me feeling so caught up 
You took control and you put me 
Underneath your waterfall 

Underneath your waterfall 
You make me feel so incomplete 
And then you want to fight and argue 

Well you got me losing my mind 
I hope you fix yourself 
'Bout to let you go bye bye

Behind The Music

There are as many methods for writing songs as there are songs. Some take years of writing and revising, some take input from a handful of people, and some come out almost instantly. When Laniya, Dre’Meka, and Shekeyra formed a team for The Dick & Jane workshop at Southmoor Middle School, their close friendship facilitated a simple songwriting process. Dre’Meka took the charge on the song, having thought of the concept in the shower the day before they began writing. She wrote most of the verses with helpful input from the others By the time their musician, Joe Camerlengo, saw the lyrics he had only one thing to say, “This is a hit”. The following week Joe returned with a demo recording of his interpretation of their lyrics. Bravely, the girls offered one criticism of the demo- They thought a girl should sing the second part. Unbeknownst to Joe, Dre’Meka had just recently experienced the divorce of her parents, and most of the song focused on her thoughts of the situation. As Laniya puts it, “The way this song came to be is when I saw a lot of people break up in the rain and it made me think about all the things they do before they break up. If these girls were going to have a song that meditated on the myriad of reasons why relationship dissolve, they were going to need representation from both the male and female characters. Joe agreed and added his band mate Mary Lynn Gloeckle to sing the female part. Joe played the girls the new demo and the young songwriters were pleased. Joe and Mary Lynn then went in to the studio, added the full band behind the song, and returned with their final mix. The three girls were delighted and agreed with what Joe said that first day- it was a hit.