Kidnapped Soul


Life was a warm sunny day
Til' you left and it turned to gray

You said I could stay
But it was not OK
Kidnapped soul and I'm losing control
I can't stop running

'Cause you’re eating me whole

When I first heard your voice
I was sold you pure solid gold

It feels so low but this time it won't be so!

Behind The Music


“I think I said that wrong. It’s like you’ve kind of like fallen in no no - it’s kidnapped soul. Yeah, that’s what it’s supposed to be...It’s not about love. It’s about the soul. 'Cause you’re in love. No, let’s break down the lyrics. You just feel a passion for something. It could be about anything and it kidnapped your soul. Absolutely. It could go good or bad.”

“You know, I just see a nice day at the beach, with some friends, throwing around the frisbee, sunny…definitely a sunny day. It’s like a happy song about sad stuff...Got over that kidnapped soul. It’s like good vibes....going to the beach....throwing a frisbee...maybe getting in the water if you get too hot.”