Green Light


As a little kid 
We all live that slow life 
While we're getting older 
Waiting for that green light 
Do what we gotta do 
Not even think twice 
Green light 
Waitin’ for that green light 

I'm leavin' everything behind 
I don't know what I'm gonna find 
I'm on a path, I don't know where to go 
All I know is I can't take it slow, take it slow 
I'll be waiting for that green light 
Green light, green light 
Waiting for that green light 
So let's go 

Live it while you live it 
Cause it's better than before 
Til' you're older and you're wiser 
And you're freer than before 
Sometimes friends will turn to enemies 
We learn and make new memories 
You're livin' upside down 
If you don't turn your life around 
And hit the green light 

We all had to come up with no help 
With nobody to help us with the way that we felt 
Now we look where are and it feels just right 
Cause we remember what it’s like to live that slow life 
Waitin’ on that green light 
Let’s go


Behind The Music

"The song is about your young life before you become more social and you make the next step into your life."

"I think it’s crazy, and it’s just like wow. like now, if my mom or somebody that knows, and I’m in the car or somewhere with them, I can be like ‘I wrote that.’ ‘Me and my friends wrote that.’ and that was our work."