They are the messiah
You can be like them
With the desert wind

Just don’t say a word
Else you’ll run out
And fall to the dirt

We all have something that slips away
You try to float but you drop

Unknown to your youth
You’re nodding your head
Holding the gold for later

And do they see the fire
The held back sounds
Every broken bone

Sweet Australian teens
Kept in dormant rooms
Happy to be there

Forgotten the reason
Memories held in
Kept as a young one


Lyrics by Izzy, Nikki, and Noah Produced by Joe Camerlengo

Lyrics by Izzy, Nikki, and Noah
Produced by Joe Camerlengo

Behind The Music

"The song stemmed from something interesting that my dad told me over the summer...It’s funny but also when you look into it it’s a bit scary. In college, my dad was friends with this girl who they called Charlie Farley. They were friends but she wasn’t that talkative. She was pretty quiet, apparently, and I guess they kind of started talking about why she was so quiet and she said that when she was little she got this idea that you only had a certain amount of words until you died, which is kind of scary to think about. But it’s also kind of interesting how a kid would start to think that. After that I wrote the lyrics and then I kind of took that story and wrote about just maybe the idea of not wanting to speak up because you’re scared about what might happen. and we kind of went off of that."