Perhaps one night
Looking up at the stars
And the glow of the moon
Just me and the night

Maybe somewhere
Somewhere else in the world
Another dreamer is gazing
At the same stars

So many Doors
Each one distinct
So many Paths
All so diverse
Some rugged
Some smooth
Some twisted
Some short
Some long and
Some are curved
Some are just unswerving

Be Brave!

I can make my own path
Carve my own fate in stone
Not to live out your life
but to live my own

I am just a TEEN
But I can do it

Hello people my name is Stacy
Sorry I am late, I am just a little lazy
I see a guy right across from me
But he is also shy and nervous
But i think we can talk together
About our problems here in school

I am just a teen
And I can choose

Lyrics by   Cece and Chethana Produced by Andy Gallagher     

Lyrics by Cece and Chethana
Produced by Andy Gallagher


Behind the Music

On how the group arrived at a topic: 

"I think we kinda started big, like what are things we are concerned about? What do we want to let people know about? Then we slowly got smaller and smaller, like what about bullying? Or what about being yourself...what do we want to focus on? I guess it just came down to writing what we wanted about a certain topic. and it was kind of a decision between both of us.

"We wanted to talk about picking a big decision, or going to a school where you’ve never been before, or like making new friends, or helping people who are getting bullied. But the song that we did - Brave - it actually shows us how you should be brave, what affects us, and that you’re not alone. There are a lot of people in the same situation as you and you can talk about it. There’s a lot of songs about being brave and all that stuff, but it actually gives the theme: just don’t be afraid."