We help students, teachers, and communities discover the unique power and perspective that lives within the written work of young people.

The Dick & Jane Project is a non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio. We host workshops where middle school students are partnered with professional musicians to create radio ready songs. The students write the lyrics, the musicians compose and record the music, and together they collaborate with student designers and journalists on the production of a professionally recorded song. To date, the Dick & Jane Project has worked with over 250 students throughout Columbus, and has professionally produced 32 songs, all of which have been played on the radio.

Using music and the catalyst, The Dick & Jane Project inspires students to want to write, an experience that lasts far beyond our workshops. The project blurs the boundaries between the core subjects and the arts, offering young people the freedom to incorporate knowledge and creativity within a real world application. By providing an environment of respect and engagement, the project gives young people the confidence to know that their words can impact people beyond the classroom walls in a very real way.